At the core of every musician, artist, performer and songwriter weaves one common thread — soul. It’s where the music comes from. And it’s where the story is told.

And Shane’s story? It’s a tale of city lights and country nights. Of an improbable route with detours and change. But it has been quite a ride.

Born in Italy to an Italian mother and an American serviceman stationed in Naples, Shane bounced between two cultures. It was a cacophony of sounds and music that eventually led to the far west in the states and ultimately to Due West, SC – a town so small that everyone knew your name, and even your dog’s.

Life was simple growing up in a postage stamp place. Football and soccer in the fall. Basketball and Snowboarding in the winter. Baseball in the spring. Wakeboarding in the summer. And friends? Everywhere.

As High School came, so did the music. Country first. Then rock, then R&B, then rap. And back to country. As the genres changed, so did the instruments. Drums being first, followed by electric guitar. Then acoustic finger picking. Followed again by keyboards. Genres and arrangements blended together. But the music would have to wait for a little while.

College at Furman University proved to be demanding as the academics and internships challenged time priorities. But, soul doesn’t stay back for long, and neither did music, nor graduation.

Following a self-prescribed roadmap to success, the corporate world followed. But two years later, Shane turned his world upside down, quit his job, and entered an extensive computer coding program. The safe route had never been his route. But this one? — Like jumping off a cliff as he had never written one line of code and was on the opposite side of geekdom.

From the first day of 0’s and 1’s, coding was unlike anything he had ever done, but fascinatingly, the same logic used in writing computer code had been shown to have a corresponding relationship to music theory. If true, the two blended. For him, it was.

Lines of code followed lines of lyrics, and complex sounds.

It didn’t take long for the soul that had always been there to flow also. With a background in drums, guitar and piano, songwriting took off.

And then the break came. The backroom singer had begun to attract a following of friends that quickly passed the word around —“This guy just has it.”

In a few short months, Shane was asked to open for Air Dubai, Marc Scibilia, Ben Rector, and Boyce Avenue. American Idol followed where he moved on from the Myrtle Beach audition to the fourth round in Kansas City. The unknown secret was quickly become known.

Bar owners began calling as his following increased, and increased again. More venues were added. College concerts were scheduled. And then a three song demo recording session in Nashville sealed the deal: It was time to get serious — really serious.

And this takes us to today.

Shane Sniteman is in the process of writing his first EP album while also creating web and iOS apps for Bonnaroo, Coachella, EDC, Ultra, etc. Ambitious? You bet. Challenging? On steroids. But if there is one thing for certain, Shane has never taken the route always traveled. He has already submitted a musician app in the Apple Store where one day he could be a headliner in the same way his app could change the way the music industry finds and solicits talent.

 Follow him. It will be a fun ride.