Get – A – Gig App Launch

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For musicians, hustling to get gigs can be like chewing on tin foil. Ditto for small bar owners, venues, wedding planners, or anyone looking for a musician/band! I know. I’ve been there.

When I started the grind of searching to get a gig about year ago, I had no idea how frustrating or complicated it was going to be. Between calling bars, back and forth phone calls that often ended up on hold or to the wrong person, email conversations, sending showcase information, negotiating rates, and making sure the bar owners knew I could bring some new faces in their establishment, I found out that getting the gig was often more time-consuming than playing one.

There had to be a better way.

That’s when the idea of Get-A-Gig was born — have an app that with some simple clicks, owners and musicians could be found and connected with, quickly.

As a musician that was frustrated and being an iOS developer/web developer that liked building apps for the music scene, the why hadn’t someone built an app became why not I build it. And so I did.

I started talking to seasoned pros, guys that were starting out, bar/restaurant owners, and booking agents. I found out the real problem was getting all the information in one place and having a database with rates, dates, media, etc. accessible — and then making it an easy and seamless process for everyone!

How would it work? —  Get on the web or your phone; put in your showcase info, genre, rate, days of the week you’re available to play, and location and simply search for a open gig in the area of your choosing.

And what if a venue could search for a musician/singer/band based on what they wanted and when? And they could actually hear the performer before hand?

After months of coding, wow, it has now come together. What a cool feeling knowing that I could potentially make life easier for music professionals! I can’t wait for the Apple Store to begin their uploads.